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420 Saddlebrook Drive

Vineland, NJ 08361-2998


Career Objective: Short Term Consult/Part Time: Systems Analysis, Engineering, Architecture, Project Leadership, Support

Computer Skills

Programming Languages

Higher Level: SQL: Oracle PL/SQL, Sybase/MS SQL Server Transact-SQL (T-SQL), IBM UDB DB2, GreenPlum PostgreSQL, Borland Interbase, Firebird; C, C++, JAVA, JAVA-Script, HTML, PYTHON, PERL, PL1, COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, BASIC

Assembly/Machine: X86, 6502, H200/0, H82/18/800, GMAP, ALM, GMAP355, MPC

Command Languages (script/batch/JCL/shell): Bourne (sh), Korn (ksh), C (csh), bash shells, sendmail rewrite, awk, MS-DOS/Windows, MULTICS, GCOS, GCOS8, CP6

Application Programming Interfaces: C/C++ libraries, RogueWave, JAVA, XML parse, Interbase, ESQL, Sybase DBLib, cs/ctlib, Oracle Pro/C, Cognos Impromptu, Upfront, Crystal Reports w/RAS, Business Objects, Tuxedo Transaction Management, HTTP-CGI (Apache, NCSA, I-Planet, Netscape, Microsoft, and self-written servers), sockets, IBM WebSphere MQ, OS/390 C/C++, WinSock, Frame Developers' Kit, Shop Floor Data Manager (SFDM) API w/local extensions, MS-Windows, ShareBase RSC, IDMLib, Motif, Builders' Accessories (bx), X-Windows, JAM/Panther/Prolifics, Harvest, SCCS, RCS, Sablime, CVS, SubVersion (SVN)

Operating Systems, experience in batch and time sharing modes as applicable: UNIX: AIX, Sun Solaris, LINUX, HP-UX, RedHat Enterprise 4-6, Ubuntu, SunOS, AT&T System V, FreeBSD, ULTRIX, MP-RAS, UnixWare; MS-DOS, MS-Windows 3.1-Vista, MS Windows Server 200x, Citrix Winframe, Windows Terminal Server, MS Office; Honeywell: MULTICS; GCOS; GCOS8; CP6; OS200/0

IDE/Editors: Line, Screen, Word Processing: EDIT, FRED, sed, ed, ex, vi, qedx, SPRINT, MS-Write, FrameMaker, Eclipse, WordPerfect for Windows & DOS, MS Office Word

Communications/Network Interfaces: UDP/TCP/IP, ICMP, DNS, SNMP, SMTP, ESMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, SOCKS, Proxy, RIP, BGP, OSPF, IPV6, Ethernet, Token Ring, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.5, 10Base2(ThinNet), 10Base5, 10BaseT LAN, SLIP, PPP, RS232, RS422, CCITT V.35, current loop, HPIB, SCSI, Centronics, async, sync, bi-sync, SDLC, HDLC, X.25, LAPB, PAD, ISO, Connect:Direct, IBM WebSphere MQ, Rendezvous (TIB)

Computer Peripherals: 7, 9 track NRZI, PE, GCR tape designs, FM and MFM Winchester and removable hard, flexible disk devices, OCR, mark sense, MICR scanners, drum, belt, dot-matrix, electrostatic, laser printers, card reader, punch, reader-punch, barcode printers, scanners

Internal Architecture: Multi-CPU, SMP, SPMD, multi-IO processor, multiple-memory controller static, dynamic, and core memory systems; floating point accelerators; cache: multi-level, direct mapped, n-way associative, write-through, write-allocate, write-back, disk, cd, virtual address translation, physical, virtual memory; segmentation mechanisms, security features, file systems


2012-07-10 to 2015-02-27 & 2010-05-10 to 2011-9-28

TEKsystems, 100 MATSONFORD RD STE 210 BLDG 3, RADNOR PA 19087-4573, 888-533-6024

Systems Analyst, Consultant to Bank of America, Global Technology & Operations Division, CLMS Middleware Development. Analyze, design, code, unit test and tier III support existing features and extensions running in batch and Oracle Tuxedo middleware in a C/C++, ESQL, JAVA SE 6, HP-UX UNIX, RedHat Enterprise LINUX, local Sybase Transact-SQL (T-SQL) and remote DB2 RDBMS environment. Support PowerBuilder front end GUI for Call Center Credit Card Offer Maintenance and Balance Transfers by calling bank common services including DB2 stored procedures with COBOL copybook defined I/O structures. Support SDLC with Borland StarTeam CMS, HP Quality Center, Nexus, MS Communicator, MS Live Meeting, SharePoint, MS Word, MS Excel. Convert C/C++ HP-UX Sybase/DB2 code and scripts to JAVA and bash for LINUX migration.  Migrate systems from in-house Mainframe to TSys outsource systems. Ensure legal compliance against tight deadlines. Coordinate with design, analysis, testing, production support, operations and other development organizations for development, installation and support. Create ad-hoc, temporary web services to accelerate cycles of testers and other developers, giving limited direct access to fire test procedures and observe data. Discover and repair many subtle flaws in legacy shell, C, C++ and SQL code. Enhance performance of queries.


2011-10-24 to 2012-06-22

E. T. International, Inc. (ETI), 100 White Clay Center Drive, Suite 103, Newark, DE 19711, 302-738-1438

Senior SQA Engineer, Tester and Developer for IBM Cyclops64 highly parallel SPMD computer systems. Test, design, develop and enhance tests and parallel API libraries running in a mixed system of IBM Cyclops64 back end blades, RedHat Enterprise LINUX 4.7 – 6.2 Control and front end systems, mysql, SQLite, qpidd, Berkeley DB and many other open source packages, proprietary CDP Ethernet protocol, bugzilla, C/C++ (gcc on both platforms), python, bash, Lustre and Cyclops Assembly Language environment. Correct and update Documentation for programming, installation and operation of system. Maintain code, install scripts and makefiles.  Discover and repair many subtle flaws in shell, C, C++, bash, python and SQL code.


2006-7-31 to 2009-07-23

NASDAQ OMX PHLX <= Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), 1900 Market St., 2nd Fl., Philadelphia, PA 19103-3584, 800-843-7459

Lead Programmer Analyst, Trade Data Access Systems, Surveillance. Technical Architecture and new technologies lead for real time, intra-day and end of day Equity and Equity / Index / Currency Options and Futures Surveillance datamart on LINUX x86-64 and large Solaris 8 & 10 SMP systems with focus on RDBMS, ETL, DB schema, report and web site design, trading systems, strategies, procedures and practices for hyper-accurate requirement enforcement. Create ad-hoc reports using JAVA, SQL, UNIX and self-written tools for managers, customers, production incident damage, product installation, DB conversion and project requirement analysis. Document and refine requirements. Design applications & schema. Develop interface mappings, test plans, scenarios, cases and scripts. Code in JAVA, C++, C, SQL, ksh. Install and support production applications in a Wintel PC, MS Office, Solaris UNIX, GreenPlum Bizgres PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Borland Interbase RDBMS computing environment. Develop pivotal OCC, XML, FIX and JAVA expertise for multiple interface conversions from legacy InTRACS to OCC FIXML XML Encore DDS. Drive PHLX-OCC technical communication, resulting in many OCC Encore DDS documentation, design and data corrections and enhancements. Design TDAS Architecture changes. Expand access from 1 to 7+ years of detailed online trading data. Improve development and test. Overcoming Interbase 4 RDBMS limitations. Support TDAS Marketing group with architecture, installation and integration of MyPHLX.com, a secure Internet web server based on Solaris 8 SPARC, Cognos 7.3 UpFront, Cognos Impromptu Report Writer, Easysoft UNIX ODBC driver for Interbase and Interbase 4.0 RDBMS. Locate, adapt and integrate low cost ODBC and JDBC drivers from the international market (saving PHLX ~$100K). Analyze Cognos, Solaris, ODBC and Interbase capabilities to devise a flexible, low maintenance, high performance report and data file delivery architecture. Create robust, reliable real time loading of MyPHLX.com from OCC FIXML (XML) MQ data streams and trade floor tagged data and flat record MQ data streams. Design and code IBM OS/390 compatible C programs for near real time access to XML trade log files. Support Risk Management applications for SCCP (Stock Clearing Corporation of Philadelphia, a NASDAQ - PHLX subsidiary) using Apache Jakarta Tomcat, JSP, JAVA, JDBC, Interbase 4.0, real time trade flows, Excel w/VB Macros and PC ILX for real time quotes. Support SEC mandated COATS Phase V manual options trading audit trails for foreign currency options and non-standard (RFQ) equity options. Provide critical expertise to complex, high volume and robust real time performance challenges, such as DB2 (UDB) proof of concept conversion. Support TDAS management planning and project management. Contribute new ideas. Create and identify open source tools. Mentor and support TDAS developers and managers. Improve overall group skills, productivity and teamwork.

2004-8-19 to 2006-7-30

QuinTech Resources, Inc., 625 Governor Printz Blvd., Ste. 4, Essington, PA 19029-1732, 610-362-1400

Systems Analyst, Consultant to the NASDAQ - Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Trade Data Analysis Systems, Surveillance. (Right to hire consultancy, see job description above.)


2004-3-1 to 2004-7-7

Progressive Software Computing Inc. (PSCI), 3505 Silverside Rd STE 201B, Wilmington DE 19810-4905, 302-479-9700

Systems Analyst, Consultant to Bank One Corp., Marketing IS Information Delivery Team Relationship Management System (RelMS) Project, support batch development for UNIX (Sun Solaris) JAVA XML Oracle 9i based interfaces with co-branding MasterCard partner firms. Analyze and create advanced PL/SQL bulk processing procedures using SQL Navigator, AIX Tivoli TWS scheduling, and ksh scripts; for feed tracking, for reporting using Crystal Reports w/RAS, and for loading, validation, and extraction of data exchanged with a wide variety of partner systems and internal customers. Test and support testing under Test Director. Create new features on aggressive timelines to high quality standards. Convert legacy code from MS C/C++ w/Oracle ODBC PRO/C to PL/SQL and JAVA. Convert feeds and database schema references from FDR to TSys credit card processing vendor.


2002-12-11 to 2003-3-21

Global Consultants Inc. (GCI), 25 Airport Rd, Morristown, NJ 07960-4624, 973-889-5245

Systems Programmer - Master, Consultant to Capital One, IPS DSS Analysis, Glen Allen, VA: Perform Tier II production support, 24 hour 7 day on call, for marketing Data Warehouse, DataMart, and related secondary operational systems for analysis, reporting, and promotional offers with data flows from internal, partner, customer and vendor systems to Oracle and TeraData RDBMS through ETL Servers (HP-UX clusters) via FTP, Ab Initio remote access, SCP, database links, and NFS, loading tables with a mix of Control-M, Ab Initio graphs, Oracle Pro/C, sqlldr, snapshot, and PL/SQL tools. Diagnose, repair, and recover failing batch loads by data cleansing, code or configuration changes, or dialog with upstream system contacts. Provide user support through group email box and Hot Line voice mail. Coordinate changes with developers for temporary fixes, data repair, and enhancements to address the root cause of frequent production outages. Code production changes to relieve development shortages. Write monitoring, data recovery and repair routines. Create documentation using Word, Excel, Access, and Clarify solutions. Plan and support transition, with parallel table generation, from Oracle to TeraData. Support planning and testing application upgrades.


1999-10-25 to 2002-05-30

Agere Systems (former Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Division), 1110 American Parkway NE, Allentown, PA 18109-9138, 866-243-7324

Member, Technical Staff (MTS) -- Systems Analyst for Corporate Information Officer (CIO) Department of Information Technology, supporting the OptoElectronics Division. Support critical Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) applications for mixed Optical / Electronic telecommunications transmission devices, including lasers, IC and hybrid devices, ultra-miniature substrates, laser based light amplification systems, sub-marine systems, fiber optic routers, receivers, transmitters. Support component part tracking, process step routing, Work in Process (WIP) tracking, manual and test set data acquisition, production planning, procurement, materials and supply chain management and datamart systems in PA: Breinigsville (6 systems: 2 prod. cluster pairs, data warehouse, development, test & training, production monitoring), Reading (prod. cluster pair), Scranton; NJ: Murray Hill; Singapore (prod., data warehouse); CA: Irvine (prod cluster pair, data warehouse); Bangkok, Thailand; and Matamoros, Mexico (3 systems w/Spanish language extensions: prod. cluster pair, data warehouse, monitoring) and interfaces to test and production enterprise, warehouse, vendor, contractor, and customer systems. Maintain and extend Shop Floor Data Manager (SFDM 4.4 application from TeraDyne, formerly GenRad, formerly ICC - codes in their proprietary Sentences/Capture language that is preprocessed into embedded SQL in C code: Pro/C for Oracle and ESQL for Sybase), and Electronic Data Transfer (EDT - a local JAVA JDBC application for customer test data delivery) running on Sun UltraSPARC clustered multiprocessor Solaris UNIX servers with Oracle 7.3.4 and Oracle databases. Create new interfaces, print, email, FTP, and web reports, data warehousing, database maintenance and data integrity control processes. Design and implement extensions to the Oracle database schema to support new features, revise and identify additional indexes, designed new features, using a complimentary variety of Oracle, UNIX, and web technologies: PL/SQL, Pro/C, SQLPlus, Toad, C/C++, ksh, sed, FTP, Connect Direct, Rendezvous (TIB), CGI, plain text, CSV, HTML over Apache, I-Planet, self-written web servers. Write database archival purge and integrity cleanup scripts. Provide complex MES and Oracle query guidance, with many way tuned joins and aggregation, on assemblies, bills of material (BOMs), components, alternate, replacement, and substitute parts, routers (routings), operations (steps), resources (facilities), operators, component tracking setup and history of part use, work in progress (WIP) quantity, progress, and location, history of completed work, WIP projected quantity per date out, assembly versus part cost and labor, step activity, resource utilization, step yield, rework activity level, Work Instructions and Temporary Material Layout (TML). Create web-based shadow routing test system with interactive cloning of production routings for pre-production test, to combat assembly cost determination errors. Receive multiple personal recognition awards, written and financial, OMEGA project recognition bonus.


1997-5-19 to 1999-10-1

TechniSource of Florida, Inc., Concord Center, Second Floor, Suite 5, 1301 State Highway 36, Hazlet, NJ 07730-1745, 732-264-1800

Systems Analyst Consultant to Lucent Technologies, Inc., Corporate Information Officer (CIO) Department of Information Technology, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Process Control, 555 Union Blvd., Allentown, PA 18103. Support “Process Control (PC)” proprietary family of critical Integrated Circuit (IC) Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) applications guiding manual and supporting automated log and wafer processing and package assembly with process step routing, data collection and reporting, in support of three (3) US and two (2) international locations, one using Spanish language, with multiple IC clean rooms per location, written in Sybase and its embedded SQL in C/C++ tool ESQL, ANSI SQL, Sybase TransactSQL, awk, and shell languages, to operate in a ClientServer Sybase RDBMS environment running on Sun SPARC Solaris UNIX System V systems, character terminals and X-Terminals. Update locally written applications to the divisional programming standard. Survey, evaluate, remediate, test, and document Year 2000 (Y2K) readiness to corporate and industry standards. Port all applications from Sybase 4 to Sybase 11 RDBMS and APIs. Create new applications and integrate new features into existing applications. Rapidly prototype and develop new applications using WWW and RDBMS technologies and high level scripting languages. Write technical and user documentation. Support production users in resolution of problems via live inquiry and modification of production databases and by creation of interim programs to work around problems without production interruption. Support development by code review and System and Integration Test of applications. Create custom HTTP/HTML WWW Servers and other tools to support group in testing, code analysis, and document and database inquiry. Participate in a broad spectrum of technical forums to ensure consistent, efficient, and unduplicated development efforts within the organization.

1996-6-19 to 1997-5-18

Analysts International Corporation, Suite 600, 2700 Gateway Centre Boulevard, Morrisville, NC 27560

Systems Analyst Consultant to IBM Network Software Division, Internet Connection Secured Network Gateway (SNG) Project, 502B115, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Firewall Product Support - Tier II-III: Support an Internet network security firewall application and associated customer, marketing, business partner, and field support engineer needs, covering a large installed base of products worldwide, in a variety of government, large corporate, educational, and other commercial settings. Advise on security, performance, cost, and administrative overhead tradeoffs, tuning, architecture, configuration, diagnosis, and repair of firewall software, underlying AIX system, Internet, Internet Service Provider, internal network, and associated server problems, by telephone, E-mail, electronic forums, news groups, Internet access, and through electronic support systems. Achieve consistently high customer satisfaction reports and survey results. Assist in the maintenance and repair of the AIX BSD kernel and firewall C software, IBM Internet support servers, and in product documentation. Assist in the design and development of new features and performance improvements. Developed and maintained customer support web site providing tips, instruction, missing documentation, temporary and early software updates, utilities, and links to firewall and network security and configuration related Internet resources.  The following s a copy of one late version, which was formerly installed on testcase.software.ibm.com:


1994-7-1 to 1996-6-18

AT&T GCIS (Global Customer Information Systems), WINGS (World-wide Information Network Global Systems), 101 J. F. K. Blvd., Short Hills, NJ 07078-0966

Project Leader for Technical Architecture and Common Code Support and direct 3-6 analysts for Tuxedo, Sybase, and Motif X-Windows configurations, Application Programming Interfaces, common code libraries in ANSI C/C++, SQL, Sybase and its embedded SQL in C tool ESQL and dblib, ctlib, and cslib C libraries, to support a customer service and provisioning system for custom calling card services with an international distributed database, Wide and Local Area Networks (WAN/LAN), and multiple layers of client-server architecture. Migrate applications to new platforms. Integrate two interfacing systems into one. Create and teach classes on Project Architecture, Development Methods, Application Programming Interfaces. Mentor new developers. Migrate applications to Hexagon Standard Operating Environment. Participate in code, requirements, and specifications inspections. Represent group at Corporate Information Officer/Chief Technical Officer Technical Forums 1996 - 93, and GCIS Telecommuting and Alternative Work Week Committees.

AT&T Awards & Recognition

Personal: AT&T True Spirit, AT&T True Achievement, On The Spot Awards

Team: AT&T True Achievement Award, multiple other AT&T team recognition awards

Business Unit: 1994 Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award


1992-5-1 to 1994-6-30

AT&T Customer Account Management R&D, National Card Provisioning System (NCAPS), Parsippany, NJ

Project Leader for Batch Development Support and direct 3-8 analysts for batch processing and common code libraries in Sybase ESQL, SQL & C/C++. Perform production support, code integration, volume testing, using, and then Sybase and its embedded SQL in C tool ESQL, for a UNIX client-server calling card provisioning system for international, military, and large corporate customers. Migrate applications to Hexagon Standard Operating Environment. Participate in code, requirements, and specifications inspections. Write ESQL preprocessor line number recovery support preprocessor to repair Sybase’s damage to the C programming environment.

1990-5-1 to 1992-4-30

JYACC, Inc., Management Consulting, 116 John St Fl 20, New York, NY 10038-3490

Systems Analyst Consultant to AT&T Customer Account Management R&D, National Card Provisioning System. Systems Designer & Design Writer Analyze existing and future telecommunications credit card applications for advanced marketing strategies, write incremental and complete specifications for programs, database, and functions, write applications in a UNIX System V, SQL, ShareBase embedded SQL in C tool rsc and idmlib C library in a C software environment, to run in a LAN/WAN network Client-Server environment with redundant VAX batch and ShareBase database servers, and AT&T 6386 PC, AT&T 730, Sun X-terminal systems supporting on-line client functions.


1971-10-1 to 1989-12-15

Bull Worldwide Information Systems (previously known as Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Company EDP Division, Honeywell Information Systems Incorporated (HISI), Honeywell Bull, Bull HN ), 525 Righters Ferry Road, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Customer Service Engineer Service computer systems, from large mainframe to terminal and peripheral systems. Perform mechanical and electrical repair involving analog and digital circuits, discrete to LSI. Diagnose software problems. Advise customers on system operation. Analyze configuration and performance of operating systems, applications, and hardware. Pursue hardware and software improvements with product support. Write error analysis and reporting software. Design and build field test fixtures and procedures. Plan and lead teams in installation, relocation, and engineering change projects.


1969-7-7 to 1971-9-30

Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Company EDP Division, Brighton, MA

Systems Test Engineer Diagnose and perform final test on raw assembled units and field returned units of H4200/8200 (large scale) and H200/0 (medium scale) CPU, memory, I/O, and communications equipment, using stand-alone systems and test fixtures. Design and build tests and test fixtures. Write test routines in machine language.



AT&T Education

Communications Workshop MS6410 1993

Diversity Workshop 1994

Negotiating to Yes 1993

Problem Solving & Decision Making MS6315 1992

Quality Inspection Workshop 1992

Quality Meetings Workshop 1992

USL Tuxedo Systems Administration 1995

Fast Track to Sybase IE5305 1993

Dale Carnegie Course DCC973 1993

Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

BS - Electrical Engineering, Computer Specialization March 1989

Grade Point Average: 3.952


Drexel University College Highest Grade Point Average Award

Summa Cum Laude

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society

Academic Affairs Senior Achievement Award 1989

Senior Academic Achievement Award 1989

William B. Norbeck Dean's List Award 1989

Sophomore Academic Achievement Award 1988

Dean's List: 1986 - 1989

Licenses, Certifications

Microsoft Office 2000 Certified Master:

Access: 7ACD7F28-CCE8-4D54-9A6C-C5AA659C5C84

Excel Expert: AA0389E5-3D11-4586-BAA7-D3E47F3D73D8

PowerPoint: 9D9F8B66-0D4F-4EE6-9E6E-21820E908EA1

Word Expert: A46EA136-863D-4E31-AFF2-FEB92022915B

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) - 2011

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)  - 2011

First Aid and Bodily Fluid Biohazard - 2009

PA Real Estate Salesperson - 2002-5


Memberships, Activities

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology

Vineland, NJ, City Planning Board Vice-Chairman and Class IV Member, Chairman of Zoning Subcommittee 2008-2012

West Jersey Presbytery Treasurer, member of Council and Finance Committee, Commissioner, Ruling Elder